About Us

By EmJ

…is a small business between Emy & CJ, a collaboration between mother and daughter.  It began as a personal blog but slowly blossomed into a small enterprise where we brought our ideas into products that we hope you’d all love. 

We first opened our shop in May of 2021, mostly selling resin keychains and some BTS keychains. As we progressed with the business we moved on to bigger and more complicated products like jewelry, apparel, photocard holders, and our best sellers: wallets!

It all started as a game

My daughter, who has been a BTS fan since 2017, started quizzing me about the BTS members to get me to like them.  Why, you say?  Well, there are BTS merch and BTS concerts coming up.  It would be much easier to have mom pay if mom knows what or who she is paying for. 

It started with their names.  She would show me photos and I would guess who they are.  Once I had their names down, I graduated to figuring out who is singing by identifying them with only their voices.  Once I got that part down, we moved on to their actual names and not just the stage names!  Well after all of that, I am now a fully-fledged ARMY mom!

Learning about BTS

… and what they’ve been through in seven plus years, honestly gave me the courage to pursue what I love: crafting.  If our boys can go through all the hardships with hard work and perseverance at such young ages, what the heck is my excuse?! 

So, with that, I started crafting again and exploring what I had long since forgotten.  My brain is literally bursting with things and ideas that I would like to do.  But alas, I have to pace myself because this sh*t is not easy.  But each time, I doubt myself, I start listening to “We are Bulletproof: the Eternal”.  As soon as I hear the first sweet notes of Jungkook's voice, I’m all good! 😉 

The Gift

Lastly, the gift that eventually gave me the push to start exploring my creative side once more.  Special thanks to my brother, Mel, for always being there.