Do you ship worldwide?

We ship to the US and worldwide! We also now ship to the UK!

Do you do group orders?

We currently do not have any active group orders open. If we were to open any group orders, we will make any and all announcements on our Instagram account: @by_emj_ 

How much is shipping to ______?

We researched different shipping options to offer the most economical rates we can find.  Most often the cheapest shipping fee is through USPS which is what we offer to ship in the United States.  To ship internationally, we use a third party app which gives us the most cost-effective way to ship.  

How long does it take for an order to ship out? 

Shipping within the US can take 3-5 days. The holiday season and other busy times during the year may cause delays. International shipping can take from 2-8 weeks depending on your location! COVID-19 has affected shipping estimates. Packages may take longer to arrive to you. 

The processing and packaging time depends on how many orders we are packing. Since By EmJ is a small team run by two people, packing orders in great amounts takes longer than smaller amounts. We ask for your patience when it comes to receiving your order! Updates about orders will often be posted on our Instagram! :)


Can I combine my orders?

Yes! Please email us at chat@byemj.com or you can fill out the form in our Contact Us page.  Please include your order numbers. We may be able to combine them if they have not been shipped out yet. 

I put in the wrong shipping address. Can I change my address?

Please make sure to double-check your address to ensure that all shipping information is correct before completing your order at check out. If an address was incorrectly entered, please email chat@byemj.com within 24 hours and include your order number and the correct shipping address in your email. Please be aware that we are unable to hold orders or edit orders or the address once it has shipped.

What is the difference between in-stocks and pre-orders?

In-stock products are items that we currently have on hand. In-stock orders can be shipped much quicker than pre-ordered items. 

Pre-ordered items are either in production will be in production soon. By pre-ordering an item, you are reserving that item for when production is complete. The benefit of pre-ordering an item is that you do not have to worry about the item selling out because you already reserved a "slot" for it. Production time for pre-ordered items can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks, not including the time it take to ship to us which can take up to a month. This time frame is subject to change if there are delays in production or shipping from our manufacturer to us. 

I don't want my pre-order anymore. May I cancel it?

You are able to cancel pre-orders within 24 hours of purchase. After 24 hours pass, pre-orders may no longer be refunded. Pre-orders are used to fund items so they may be put into production!

How do you ship orders that have a pre-order item and an in-stock item?

Orders with a pre-order item and an in-stock item are shipped when the pre-order item is ready to be shipped. If you would like to receive your in-stock items before the pre-order items and pay additional shipping to receive them, please email us at chat@byemj.com.

My tracking number says that my package was delivered but I don't have the package!

Once your order has been shipped, we are no longer responsible for your package. However, we recommend contacting the post office at 800-275-8777 to file an incident report. There are times that the mail person scans the package before actually delivering it. With the incident report the post office does try to investigate and trace the package.

Will you restock______?

Wallets: We will hold as many pre-orders and restocks as it takes to get a wallet into every ARMYs' hands that want them!!! 

Other products: We restock based on interest. If there is enough interest for an item, we will more than likely restock them!

Will you be making other wallet designs?

Definitely!  We will be making wallets based on each BTS members’ solo song in the Love Yourself Series. 

Where are you based?

We are based in California, U.S.A.