Catch Us At A Cupsleeve Event!

For those who haven’t had the pleasure of attending a cupsleeve event yet, I can honestly say that you might be missing out.  Cupsleeve events are a great way to connect with other like-minded K-pop fans.  Mostly set in boba places, you get to enjoy not only the refreshing boba drinks, but these events are typically littered with creators and vendors peddling their mostly handmade crafts.  Organizers are armed with a variety of freebies and raffle prizes that you could potentially go home with an armload of K-pop goodies!  The energy is quite eclectic and addictive that once you’ve been, you’ll be hooked!


 When we started by EmJ, our online sales, quite frankly, were nonexistent.   The opportunity to vendor at our very first cupsleeve event was generously handed to us by @tanukimacchiato [insert link].  The event was for BTS’ 8th year anniversary aptly named “Stay Gold” was held in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.  By EmJ was so blessed to be the only vendor at this event that our wares were sold out by the second day!  Our experience was utterly amazing, starting from the kindest organizers to the unbelievably beautiful ARMY’s that we met during the event!  We knew then that cupsleeves would be a mainstay in our K-pop lives!


Cupsleeve Stay Gold, Little Tokyo, LA




June 27, 2021


This event quite possibly was the hottest event we've been to, literally 😂.  All kidding aside, despite the heat, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and everyone's dispositions were as sunny as the hot sun!